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4 Amazing Ideas for Easter Packaging Using Custom Mailer Boxes

Easter is just around the corner and are you looking for fast, convenient, chic, and simple ideas to transform custom boxes? If you are, you have come to the perfect stop where you are sure to find the ideal option. Yes, we are referring to mailer boxes! At IMH Packaging, we tailor each box in the best ways to help you pack products or any of your desired items for your loved ones for shipping purposes as well. Easter is all about sending out warm wishes to close and loves ones, hence, our Custom Boxes are the perfect solutions for seasonal and special gifts.

With Easter comes chocolate eggs, available in mouthwatering flavors, dark, white, and custom ones with additional ingredients. Some include football team eggs, cartoon, Cadbury, or Lindt Easter eggs. Easter is the world’s second largest holiday for candy giving, and we know the thrill that follows it. Our Custom Mailer Boxes come in various sizes and shapes, which is why it is important to choose the best packaging that will show your feelings to loved ones.

At IMH, we have a passion for packaging and with Easter coming soon, it’s time to get creative with the packaging for Easter goodies!

1.    Have Inserts in the Custom Mailer Boxes

When it comes to the creation of custom packaging, you have to choose the best options to package the product, at the same time, if you are a brand you have to keep branding on top of mind too. Keep in mind that the appearance of the packaging is the first thing that people notice, so it is important that you choose the right packaging. We suggest that you add some custom inserts into the Easter packaging boxes to keep the products safe inside, at the same time, display the product in a way that it appears visually attractive.

2.    Add Windows to the Boxes

Sometimes, it could be difficult to think of ways to make Easter more appealing for adults, since this holiday is often for kids. However, gone are the days and a window box is a great way to display chocolate and give the receiver an idea of what the box contains. We can create custom mailer boxes and add windows to them, giving the chocolates a perfect appearance at the same time.

3.    Custom Mailer Boxes in Egg Carton Shapes

You can go slightly more creative with the packaging boxes for Easter. A good choice is to have mailer boxes customized in the form of egg cartons. Along with giving it a festive and creative touch, it will transform the entire feel of the event and keep those chocolate eggs secure just as they would be in custom chocolate boxes.

4.    Add Labels to the Boxes

When we create the mailer boxes, we can also help you by adding custom printing options on the boxes. A creative alternative is to add customized labels on the packaging. This can have colorful tags on it, images, or any pattern. In will help to transform a dull appearing packaging to a festive and artistic one.

For more amazing tips and the best options in custom mailer boxes, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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