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How to Design Appealing Custom Rigid Boxes for Attracting Customers

Custom rigid boxes are perfect for packing delicate items and heavy electronics and make great gift boxes. Luxury brands in today`s competitive industry are using luxury rigid boxes for their products. This sturdy box is cut and trimmed before folding to form the basic structure of the box. The designs are printed onto the frame and packaged, allowing brands to customize these boxes to their liking while adding a touch of luxury.

Select Right Size Packaging Box for Products

Anyone who understands the magic of packaging can try to make such a box that will attract the customer`s attention at first glance. It is necessary for both the manufacturer and retailer to use the correct size packaging boxes for their different size products for customer satisfaction. This is quite a difficult task. Protecting the product and giving it a beautiful look is all you need to achieve high sales. Custom rigid boxes are becoming a famous packaging solution among most fragile product manufacturers. The rigid packaging box offers maximum protection and a beautiful and unavoidable presentation.

Moreover, even small businesses are aware of these boxes` powerful impact on their business. Custom boxes are becoming the most economical packaging solution for low-budget retailers in the competitive market of today. They usually come in a 2-piece style. Packaging companies can also customize these boxes. Using custom boxes with logos can help you increase your business recognition in today`s competitive industry. Use add-ons to make the packaging attractive enough to attract people to your brand and products.

Order in Bulk to Save on Product Packaging

Typically, rigid cardboard cannot be flattened to maintain its robust frame and rigid nature. However, the custom rigid boxes can be flattened using thinner material. This folding box consists of 2 separate parts and is usually easy to assemble. Not only are these collapsible rigid boxes cheaper to manufacture, but their versatility allows you to save on storage or space costs without compromising the unboxing experience. Educate your customers about your foldable rigid box features, including tips on storing and efficiently reusing packaging.

Use of Innovative Ways to Secure your Fragile Products

When packing and shipping delicate or electronic items, it is essential to ensure that they are supported with sufficient materials to prevent breakage and damage. Make sure you use a rigid box made of durable and sturdy packaging material. In addition, if you are a retailer you can give a boost to your products appeal in custom packaging boxes for your customers.

You can also use special packaging liners to keep your product in place and prevent it from moving around in the box. However, seals and stickers are required to securely seal the box with the insert. Alternatively, you can choose a custom magnetic closure rigid box. A magnet is glued to the lid, which flexes to close the case. These magnets close your hard-shell case securely and offer your customers a premium unpacking experience.

Eco-friendly Custom Rigid Boxes

It is necessary to go for eco-friendly custom rigid boxes, as it will help you to ensure the safety of the environment as well as boost your products appeal. Rigid kraft board is 100% biodegradable and compostable if not coated or laminated. In addition to using kraft paper, be sure to use environmentally friendly inks, e.g. aqueous-based or soy-based inks.

Kraft cardboard is also more resistant to adverse weather conditions such as heat, humidity and even impact. While brown kraft custom rigid boxes don`t usually scream `luxury`, the minimalist design and the suitable branding materials can make these kraft boxes premium packaging at a much lower price. Custom boxes are helpful in printing important information about products with ease.

Fully Customizable Packaging Boxes

Custom rigid boxes look great even with minimal designs and lamination. Use of durable and sturdy boxes helps the manufacturers to ensure the safety of your fragile products during delivery. Some brands opt for a single color box with only the logo printed on it. This practice saves them extra money, which they can add for adding add-ons like embossing, foil stamping, etc. However, if your square needs a bit of jazz, feel free to go for bold patterns and colors.

Why IMH Packaging for Wholesale Custom Rigid Boxes

Getting custom rigid boxes is difficult unless you find a competent and experienced packing company. IMH Packaging is a packaging company that has been in business for many years. We have a long list of satisfied customers from across the globe. They value customer satisfaction and satisfaction for money. We offer economical packaging solutions to new and leading fragile product manufacturers in the competitive market. We also send prototypes to ensure customers are satisfied with the designs. That way, people can make changes if their budget turns out to be odd and save them from problems later on. Order wholesale custom rigid boxes now to get them at market competitive prices.

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