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What’s the Impact of COVID-19 on the Packaging Industry

With COVID-19 or coronavirus pandemic on peak today, the packaging industry is undeniably up against some serious challenges. In the face of the dreaded COVID-19 outbreak, the nationwide (and worldwide) lockdown has brought the entire industry and supply chain to a grinding halt. The self-isolation rules are leading in event cancellations, short supply, and various supply chains that are looking to move away from China following the production and manufacturing disruptions.

Most custom packaging companies worldwide depend on China for the supply of their materials. However, with imports and exports shut down until the virus is under control, the packaging industry has to turn to local solutions/materials to help meet up the demand for essential products.

Considering this situation, IMH Packaging examines the key challenges the packaging industry is facing with COVID-19.

A Quick Summary of the Novel Coronavirus

Before we move on to how COVID-19 is affecting the custom boxes industry, here’s what you should know about the disease. It first emerged in China, back in December 2019. It causes symptoms like fever, dry cough and leads to shortness of breath. Although it sounds like flu, most people are panicking because it causes severe respiratory illnesses that target the lungs. What makes it worse is the fact that there isn’t a cure available yet. In acute cases, kidney failure and death results.

In its existence, the novel virus can spread like wildfire. Just cough or a touch from infected people will bring harm to both parties. People who have a weak immune system are more susceptible to the disease. However, even people with strong immunity need to be careful, especially if they have elders in their homes.

Although there’s no cure yet, the best chance to stay safe from the disease is to stay home, practice social distancing, wash your hands with soap regularly (for 20 seconds), use hand sanitizers and wear face masks. This is where the custom printed packaging boxes come into the picture.

The Present Day Challenge in the Custom Packaging Industry

The packaging industry has to work alongside the government in making all the possible efforts to continue with the supply of essentials to people worldwide. In this case, we are referring to hand sanitizers, tissues, soap, and face masks. Countries worldwide need a huge supply of these, and it won’t be possible without the packaging of these products securely. There’s a massive need for bulk supplies of custom soap boxes by soap industries, as well as tissue boxes, and hand sanitizer boxes. This poses a great challenge for the packaging industry to meet up with the demand for packaging boxes for these products.

COVID-19 May Boost the Demand for Packaging Experts

As we know, the world is under panic, and panic-purchasing is high. Businesses that specialize under the sales of essentials can turn to packaging companies for custom printed tissue boxes, face mask boxes, and sanitizer boxes. Using custom boxes will not only help to promote a trend, but also grab the attention of consumers towards a particular brand. Amid the coronavirus outbreak, businesses can apply this tactic and help millions of people through their custom packaging boxes.

With custom-designed options, it will help to give people amid the panic a sense of reliability, comfort, and dependability with every purchase. To stand out from the market, as a brand this is what you need to stand out, at the same time help others as well.

The Augmented Need for Custom Rigid Box Styles for Local Deliveries

In this state of panic worldwide, the challenge for the government in various countries is to keep the supply of hand sanitizers and other essentials in swift flow. As such, businesses need a custom rigid box style for the delivery of these products to stores. Using these boxes guarantees the bottles will remain secure, even under rough handling. At the same time, it allows the bulk packaging of items from one location to another.

A Need to Consider Other Custom Packaging Materials for a While

According to a recent study by the New England Journal of Medicine, the COVID-19 remains active for several hours on some surfaces. The study suggests that the virus can travel through the air, upon touching objects that have traces of the virus on them. Scientists have discovered that the virus is detectable and active in aerosols for up to three hours, about four hours on coppers, and 24 hours on cardboard. To make things even more complicated, it can last three days on stainless steel and plastic.

For the custom packaging industry, this is the real challenge right here. Packaging companies have to create boxes that will keep away the virus, and bring a temporary change into their custom packaging boxes trends.

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In tough times, IMH Packaging is here to help your business and give it a boost. We can use state-of-the-art custom boxes and packaging solutions. Along with the help of our experts, we will help to bring out the best in your products and help you with your efforts to help people in need with essentials in tough times. Amid this dreadful outbreak, while many people are under a panic state and deprived of basic items, we will help by promoting your packaging boxes, which will bring no harm to the health of people, and keep everyone safe.

For more information on how we can help with customization for custom soap boxes and others, contact us now.

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