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Cosmetic Display Boxes

Cosmetic display boxes have the power to enhance the presence and beauty of your cosmetic products on your retail store shelves. Without enthralling displays, a counter actually appears rather dull. If you want your product to grab the right attention, then what you need is a well-customized display box for cosmetics. Be it lip liners, lipsticks, eyeliners, facial creams, or nail polish, we can customize these boxes in all sizes and shapes. At IMH Packaging, we have numerous printing options and we create boxes according to your demands.

Cosmetic Paper Bags

Cosmetic paper bags are very simple to use, just open the cap, place or get the cream and close the cap of the bag. These bags are much helpful in the promotion of your brand and give your business a huge success. If you are looking for ways to market your products, you have come to the right place. IMH Packaging is offering tremendous cosmetic paper bags, which will make your simple products a luxury for the consumer.

Custom Concealer Boxes

Beauty conscious women can simply not go a day without a concealer! It is true, these tiny tubes of creams have the power to hide away blemishes or any mark on the face. A must-have beauty essential, if you are searching for the finest custom concealer boxes to boost your brand name, we are here for you! IMH Packaging will offer the best designs, colors, styles, layouts and so much more to create attractive custom concealer boxes for you. Have your brand name printed on it, product information, your logo, and so much more at every day low prices.

Custom Cosmetic Boxes

Do you prefer your own makeup packaging boxes that are designed perfectly just for you? Thus IMH packaging should be your first priority- just pass on all the stipulation and condition to our dedicated team and they will create the custom cosmetics boxes according to your preferences and interests. For affordable rates, IMH packaging is an adequate place for designing your custom cosmetic boxes, with guaranteed execution of your order requirements! Our high-quality offset and digital printing display your design and artwork in the best way possible.

Custom Cream Boxes

Appealing custom cream boxes make a strong impact on your customer. This leads to the formation of new brands in the market and the requests to fulfill the demands of the buyers, the products are produced in such a way that every other product is stronger than its forerunner. IMH Packaging provides you custom cream boxes in all sizes and shapes depending on the demand and needs of the customers.

Custom Hairspray Boxes

Hairstyling, and fashion industries always demand the best styling products. In the market, you will come across a huge assortment of numerous types of custom hairspray boxes. This makes it a challenge for customers to choose the right choice. When you choose us at IMH Packaging, we can customize stylish and durable boxes for your hair spray products. These boxes are available in all sizes, shapes, and we can print and stylize each one with numerous options. We can add other features, like windowpanes to attract customers to the product inside, product information, and more.

Custom Lip Balm Boxes

Along with lipsticks and lip glosses, lip balm is also a widely demanded product by people in all corners of the globe. It serves as everyday use at offices, homes and special occasions to keep the lips moisturized. You will find hundreds of lip balm brands in the market today and the only way to survive in the competition is to launch these in new flavors. Get custom lip balm boxes at IMH Packaging in custom shapes, colors, sizes and layouts. The boxes we design will get you the right customer attention. Keep each unique flavored lip balm safe and secure in custom lip boxes we design.

Custom Mascara Boxes

No makeup kit is complete without a mascara. Yes, mascara’s are makeup essentials! They work wonders to enhance the length of eyelashes, and each one deserves an elegant packaging. Stylized and high-tech printed custom mascara boxes accentuate and enhance the beauty of these makeup items. We can print these boxes with your company details, the product details, your brand name, logo and more. We can add unique customization options, and add partitions.

Eye Liner Boxes

In eye makeup, eyeliners remain a must-have makeup product for the modern day woman. They are available in various forms, including powder, cake, gel, and liquid. Our custom eyeliner boxes are what you need to preserve these makeup items in their original quality and form for a longer period. Each one we customize for you will accentuate their elegance and style. We can customize these in various shapes sizes and use several coating options. If you wish, you can have them with partitions, and extra sleeve pockets.

Eye Shadow Boxes

Eyeshadow remain a favorite cosmetic product among women of all ages. Unfailingly, what grabs the attention of women is the packaging, which enhances the beauty of the product. Choosing customized eyeshadow boxes will bring in an element of extra glamor and elegance to your brand. At IMH Packaging, we can cater to all your customization needs for eyeshadow boxes. They are available in all sizes, shapes, and we can use various customization options. To entice customers and attract them to your brand, choose special windowpane boxes, giving buyers a glimpse of the product inside.

Facial cream boxes

Every day, we see new facial cream advertisements releasing in the beauty industry. Amongst new and existing brands, it is always a challenge to keep up and ensure particular brands stand out. The custom facial cream boxes we create come in alluring and eye-catching designs. These custom boxes will not only serve the purpose of promoting and advertising your brand but also ensure you get more sales. So many people out there purchase beauty, facial creams only because of the packaging quality. Choose us today at IMH Packaging for countless customization options.

Foundation Boxes

In every woman’s makeup kit, foundation is always a necessary part of her makeup routine. These come in various forms for every skin tone and types. They are available in forms like liquid, matte or cream and you will need your own unique foundation at hand all the time. Custom foundation boxes come in handy to preserve the foundation from the weather or hampering. The perfect packaging also has the power to attract potential buyers to buy them. At IMH Packaging, we can customize these boxes in all shapes and sizes. Along with the product information, we can print appealing designs.