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Custom Tuck Boxes

Custom Printed Tuck Boxes Wholesale Manufacturer USA

IMH Packaging is one of the top custom packaging box manufacturers in the USA offering a wide range of packaging solutions including retail boxes, custom CBD boxes, display boxes, cosmetic boxes, and custom tuck boxes.

Custom tuck boxes are a presentable and convenient way to pack your products and present them to your customers. Catch your customer’s attention, get more compliments, and engrave your brand’s name in the heart of customers with Custom Printed Tuck Boxes

Made of cardboard or paperboard, custom tuck boxes contain a flap that can be easily opened and closed securely. It keeps the product safe and offers a seamless and smooth unboxing experience, your customers won’t forget.


Be it packing food items, clothing, cosmetics, or electronics, you can customize tuck boxes as per your requirements. And when it comes to size, shape, logo, color, or material, IMH Packaging has got you covered to offer you wholesale tuck boxes with no minimum for cheap. 

What Makes IMH Packaging’s Custom Tuck Boxes Different?

IMH Packaging is the biggest supplier and manufacturer of custom packaging boxes at wholesale prices. Whether it be custom tuck boxes, custom rigid boxes, or custom retail boxes, our aim is to provide optimal packaging solutions to clients without breaking the bank. 

Apart from offering packaging solutions at wholesale price, there are a lot more IMH Packaging offers to help you stand out among customers. Here’s why you can trust for manufacturing custom tuck boxes.

Customized to Your Needs

IMH Packaging is a one-stop packaging solution offering a wide range of custom packaging boxes in USA at wholesale price. Whether it be retail, eCommerce, or bulk product supplier, we can make custom tuck boxes of any size, color you like, and material you want. Our packaging solutions are catered to the needs of clients looking forward to building a long-term relationship with customers. Let us know the design elements and colors you want along with sizes. 

Don’t worry if you are clueless, our free design support is going to help you out from creating boxes to designing and finishing. 

Durable and Sturdy

Custom printed tuck boxes aren’t only embellished with vivid colors and design elements. We take care of the durability and sturdiness of the boxes you order with IMH Packaging. No matter, how fragile the items are, rest assured that your items will remain secure and safe. 

Eco-friendly Custom Boxes 

IMH Packaging isn’t just about business and making customers happy. We care for others as well and that is why our custom printed tuck boxes and other packaging boxes are made of eco-friendly and recyclable material. 

Easy to Assemble 

Our custom tuck packaging boxes are easy to assemble. You just need to tuck in the flaps as per the making and you are good to go with packing items. Whether you need to pack items in bulk quantity or a couple of them, you can assemble our packaging boxes without wasting time. 

Get Cheap Tuck Boxes on Ordering in Bulk 

IMH Packaging, one of the best manufacturers of custom boxes wholesale in the USA offers cheap printed custom tuck boxes. If you order custom tuck boxes in bulk, your per-unit cost will be reduced. Order more with IMH Packaging and increase your profit margins. Want to get a free quote, please feel free to contact us. 

Types of Custom Printed Tuck Boxes for Sale by IMH Packaging 

IMH Packaging brings a wide range of wholesale tuck boxes customized to customers requirements for various purposes. Get a free quote on a wide range of custom printed tuck boxes wholesale inlcuding:

 Custom Reverse Tuck Boxes

Custom Reverse Tuck Boxes have open and closing flaps on both ends and are used commonly to package jars, bottles, tubes, cosmetics, and other health and beauty items. Ideally, they are safe to use for fragile packing items such as glass and jars. IMH Packaging comprises of design team offering free support to valued clients who wish to offer fabulous experiences and develop an emotional bond with their brand. 

 Custom Reverse Tuck End Boxes

Custom reverse tuck end boxes wholesale USA are widely popular among various industries, specifically when it comes to cannabis, and health and beauty products. Custom reverse tuck end boxes are helpful in keeping your products secure such as small and medium-sized jars and tubes. These boxes can be easily opened and closed, making them an effective packaging solution to meet the needs of businesses. If you are looking for custom reverse tuck end boxes in bulk at wholesale price, IMH Packaging is a one-stop solution for all your packaging needs. Get free design support and free shipping to your doorstep with a reputed custom box packaging manufacturer.

Roll End Tuck Front Boxes

Custom Roll End Tuck Front Boxes are made from special paper stock to hold off folding. These boxes are specifically designed to keep fragile items safe from damage and breakages. The custom roll end tuck front boxes feature extra protection, allowing them to preserve the items from spilling out. Don’t let your brand’s reputation be ruined by sending broken and damaged products to your customers. Let IMH Packaging take care of everything from designing to manufacturing and shipping custom roll end tuck front boxes to your doorstep. 

Straight Tuck End Boxes

Custom straight tuck end boxes are easy to assemble and a perfect choice for retailers. There is an opening on both ends of the box. The openings on both ends also comprise two flaps attached to the sides, allowing them to fold inwards. 

The large flap on the front of the box folds over the side flaps and tucks into the back side of the box. The best part is that these boxes are recyclable, affordable, and versatile, enhancing the unboxing experience of customers, as well as contributing to an eco-friendly environment. 

If you are a retailer or running an e-commerce store, Straight Tuck End Boxes is all you need to boost your brand’s reputation. Contact IMH Packaging to get a free quote and support from designers to make stunning boxes at wholesale prices. 

Tuck Top Snap Lock Bottom

Tuck Top Snap Lock Bottom Boxes feature a snap lock bottom and lid that tucks into the top. These boxes are easy to assemble without the need for any tape or glue. Whether you want to fulfill a large eCommerce order, ship subscription boxes, or deliver retail boxes, send your items packed in Tuck Top Snap Lock Bottom without worrying about breakages.  

Place your order at wholesale price with the top custom box packaging manufacturer in USA and get your orders fulfilled without breaking the bank. 

 Custom Tuck Top Mailer Boxes Wholesale

Custom Tuck Top Mailer Boxes are a convenient option for giving surprises to your customers without missing out on branding elements. No matter how big or small your items are, Custom Printed Tuck Top Mailer Boxes can accommodate them without any  

Tuck Top Mailer Boxes are sturdy enough to withstand rough handling during shipping. With easy access to the product inside, the unboxing experience is compared to none. If you are looking for custom tuck top mailer boxes at wholesale price in USA, just ping us with your requirements. IMH Packaging is one of the top manufacturers and wholesalers of custom tuck mailer boxes catered to your needs. With our free design support, you are covered from prototyping to designing and branding, all on your terms. Get it shipped to your doorstep without any hidden charges. 

Tuck Top Gift Boxes Wholesale  

Gifts without packaging aren’t impactful especially when it comes to sending them to the customers. Let the gift be packed in beautiful packaging that creates an emotional bond with your brand. Tuck Top Gift Boxes wholesale manufacturer in USA, IMH Packaging offers unlimited options for you to customize tuck top gift boxes. Whether it be choosing the box size, color, or design, our team of professional designers will never disappoint you. Contact us for a free quote on whole tuck top gift boxes without any hidden charges or shipping fee. Order now tuck top gift boxes at wholesale price, no minimum.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. How do I know what type of custom tuck boxes I need?

  1. If you are unaware of what custom tuck boxes suit your requirements, contact the IMH Packaging team to assist you. Our team of professional designers will help you in deciding the best packaging solution for your business. 

Q. Will I get a discount on custom printed tuck boxes?

  1. Yes, IMH Packaging is a wholesale manufacturer of custom printed packaging boxes. Order custom printed tuck boxes in bulk to get cheap tuck boxes at wholesale price.


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