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The Complete Guide on Hot Foil Stamping Use in Printing and Packaging

Foiling is the best option for retailers who like to add luxury to their product packaging design. It is commonly use on premium print media such as invitations, business cards, reports and letterhead. Metallic foil is applied to the outer layer of paper using physically or pneumatically operated (air-driven) machines. Results? A truly stunning effect, revealing the subtleties of a design in a metallic sheen or shadow. Foil printing can add share value to your product packaging. While the latest advancements in the printing industry is astounding. You should also expect something more than extraordinary from your custom box.

Background History of Foil Stamping/Printing

Before the development of foil stamping machines, adding gold to items was plating or gilding, using real gold. Gold bits were hammer into brittle gold leaf and applied to various items by hand. This ancient art, even though it is all a senseless process of adornment. Today it is also refer to as foil stamping or foiling.

How Hot Foil Stamping Works for You

Since its innovation, the most common way to insert foil has remained the same at the centre. Hot stamping foil is a boon for retailers looking to increase the attractiveness of their product packaging. Additionally, it is one of the most advanced coating options available in the retail market. Many booksellers use custom magnetic closure boxes and hot-foil stamps for their book packaging.

What Paper to Choose for Foil Stamping?

Foil stamping can quickly finish on any product packaging paper. We can put foil on paper and all kinds of prints. Foil printing is often use on smooth paper; However, it looks great on more finish paper such as kraft paper. We recommend reading our Custom Box Types Guide for more information.

For various foil colours, our pattern foil types have almost all styles. Once you`ve selected your variety, we source your foil rolls from our trusted supplier and use them in your box. For the exact price, if it`s not too difficult, ask for a quote from IMH Packaging.

Availability of Foil Colors for Product Boxes

More than gold and silver color foil stamping is available nowadays for product boxes. Here are the most widely use foil colours we have in-house:

  • Gold-foil
  • Silver foil

Is Foil Printing in Multiple Colors Possible?

With a foil stamp, each colour is punched out. So if you need a colourful look, it can be as expensive as you imagine. It is where metallized paper comes into play. Printing on metallic paper is excellent for foil stamps and is ideal when you need a foil display with unlimited color variations. In addition, multi-coloured foil printing on bespoke Luxury rigid boxes can help attract customers.

Is Foil Coating Available?

Indeed! Besides being exquisite, foil stamping works with various coatings, similar to sparkle, matte, spot shine covering, emblazon and deboss for a 3D look.

How to Set your Artwork for Foil Stamping/Printing

To keep your foil stamp box pristine, foil stamps require a few extra steps. We`ve studied our Foil Stamping Guide down to the smallest detail you`ll receive with your order. By following the wizard, you can accurately design your custom boxes and help our printing department complete your order faster.

Applications of Foil Stamping

Many items are finished by hot foil stamping. It was also use against counterfeiting techniques. Foil stamping is quite popular in the different product retail industries. From stickers to names to scratching and gift tags, foil stamps are a fast and easy way to add glitz and interest. In addition, printing of labels on custom business card boxes can help the businesses to increase their brand recognition.

Flat Foil Stamping Machines

Foil stamps attach to honeycomb plates for variable positioning or too flat metal plates when the position is fix. Because the foil is embossed, the bottom panel includes ridges to frame the embossed design when the panels are pressed together. The apparent benefit of aircraft foil stamps is that they are not challenging to install, and the tools and parts are effectively available.

Round-flat Foil Stamping Machines

The circular plane foil stamping machine has a variable cam instead of the fixed plane support plate found in foil stamping machines. Pressure is applied evenly to the rotating part, and the foil is pushed into the centre accordingly, transferring the foiled plan onto it. The key perk of this type of foil stamping machine is it help retailers to perform round foil stamping on their product packaging.

Types of Foils for the Foil Stamping Process

Various kinds of custom foil stamping materials are utilized to accomplish different sorts of completions and plans. Some of the popular foils available for product packaging are:

  • Scratch Foils
  • Metallic Foils,
  • Pigmented Foils
  • Pearlescent Foils,
  • Special Design Foils

Metallic Foils

It is the most popular type of foil used in the foil printing process. They give designs an excellent metallic finish, usually in gold and silver, although other variants are also used. Metallic foil on gift card boxes can help increase the appeal of your gift item.

Pigmented Foils

Pigmented foils give designs a matte or gloss non-metallic finish. They are versatile and can be used on various materials, from paper to plastic. They can be the perfect colour for your product packaging.

Pearlescent Foils

The pearl foil adds a pleasant, pretty experience to please the design. Commonly used for greeting cards and wedding invitations, these are available in short and complete outlines.

Special Design Foils

These foils come in many types (e.g. holographic foils) and are used to fabricate various samples on media. You can achieve excellent results such as holograms, lines, glitter and various custom printing examples. Holographic foils have a triple or curved layout and are very important. They prevent duplication in the delivery of cash certificates, ID cards, master cards and other high-security items.

Scratch Foils

This foil is designed for smooth scratching with a coin or fingernail. These are usually used for things like lottery tickets and phone recharge cards. Foil prints on paper or cards are not durable and scratch easily. They are especially suitable as short covers for highly sensitive data.

Benefits of Foil Stamping on Custom Boxes

What makes foil stamps so new and famous in the printing industry? Stamping foil offers various prints, variants, surfaces and packaging. While gold and silver are most commonly use colours, different metallic tones and effects are used to mimic a metallic vibe. Overall, how does triggering a print help a print project? Here are some essential contrasts that processes add to typical print jobs: 

Make Your Product Packaging Stands out from the Competition

Foil printing (warm printing) helps outer printing to provide a more appealing appearance. Using this method for your items can attract buyers` attention and get higher sales. Most famous brands use foil stamps as part of their set items. It is generally connects with exceptional quality and a sense of luxury.


Stamping offers the opportunity to add a variety of attractive metallic finishes to your item packaging packages. The wide availability of metallic lustre types makes creating extraordinary designs linked to an item possible. In addition, a wide range of great options are available to create custom designs with your brand image - options for different finishes, such as painting, are also available.

Balances Other Printing Techniques 

Stamping is often incorporate with logos or indentations to give the packaging a glossy, 3D look and feel. You can also explore various options related to different paper grades, such as a multi-layer board and deep gloss to accommodate additional appointments for clients. The packaging range is of low-profile dark emboss paper and marked on the outside with a raised rose gold foil logo. It remains consistent with the brand`s strength and confirms its full commitment to the vital value level. These are just a few of the visual and physical enhancements you can use to turn your standard packaging into made-to-order packaging that will jump off the shelf and into the hands of your customers.

Create Your Brand a High-Quality

Creating a solid brand character is essential in today`s shopping malls. More specifically, we know web-based business is rampant, and the direct experience of your image is the packaging. Therefore, the prospect`s first impression is paramount and carefully planned packaging with an energetic film value will energize customers before they see the goods.

Adding foil is an important choice for your branding. The rich metallic finish also makes for an upgraded item. Even if you have a lot of experience with foil stamps, you can still learn a lot about other successful printing strategies you can apply to your packaging.

The Need for Hot Foil Stamping in Custom Boxes

Hot stamping aluminium foil creates an attractive and distinctive look on goods packaging, but what is happening here? Also, how accurate it can help your image name stand out. If you want to support your custom packaging with innovative style and a standout look, read on to learn more about hot stamping aluminium foil and why it`s such a reliable bundling technique.

To make your item stand out from the crowd in today`s business, you have to promise that it has an ID number that will undoubtedly differentiate it from your competitors and help you promote your brand name in one of the most effective ways. It is where warm aluminium foil packaging for additional items can help you achieve that goal, including a slightly different packaging style for your item that supports your picture name and makes it instantly recognizable on any store or shelf! They hope to learn about this type of monetary branding.

Can Hot Foil Stamping Boost Your Branding?

What is hot stamping aluminium foil, and how can it improve the packaging of your goods? The answer is not as important as it sounds. There are many points of view regarding this fact. However, all this makes them one of the most popular add-on items.

In today`s smart retail environment, brand names seek ways to become customer centres and drive business. For example, checks made of warm aluminium foil are not only decorative; This can make your packaging stand out on shelves and attract customers.

Hot foil branding has many benefits to help you, including the ability to create exceptional custom formats that can increase brand name awareness and enhance the uniqueness of your image.

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