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3 Types of Hair Extension Packaging Boxes for Better Sales

Tremendous changes continuously hit the fashion world. So many new trends urge most brands to manufacture different, unique products. The competition between these brands continues to grow higher because of this trend. Manufacturers or companies search for the best ways that could keep their competitors down. Creating custom packaging boxes in this case serves as a good strategy. It is the fact, most people notice brands because of the quality of their packaging. They have to be alluring and enticing to grab the attention of buyers.In fashion or beauty products, hair extension packaging plays an important marketing role. If onlookers find your packaging convincing, you stand a better chance to get a sale. You should have hair extension boxes for many reasons. The first is to offer safety to the hair extensions, and keep them secure from harsh weather conditions, mishandling and environmental factors.At IMH Packaging, we can offer you quality, many design options, new styles, and impeccable presentation. When you come to us, here are the four amazing types of hair extension packaging boxes that would get you better sales.

1.    Pull Out Boxes

These boxes are a preferable choice for clip-on extensions. They come with a sliding tray, which opens sideways, similar to a drawer. These custom boxes also go by with the name “drawer” boxes because of this feature. It’s a sturdy choice and offers safety to the hair extensions inside. They offer an attractive touch to the boxes. Once the section pulls out, it reveals the hair extensions lying gracefully in the boxes. When you choose us at IMH Packaging, we can offer various custom options. Have them in your desired colors, shapes, designs, and sizes.

2.    Lid Boxes

For professional hair extensions, lid boxes are perfect. They allow storage of hair extensions, whether long or short in large quantities. They usually have a bigger shape and size, sold in sets to hair experts. These hair extension boxes are famous for their fancy printing options, toughness, and visual appeal. We can customize them in plain options, or add custom printing on them.

3.    Window Boxes

Usually, these are cardboard boxes, and they are a simpler option most brands choose from us. They are customizable into any shape or size. What makes them special is the “window” feature they have, which allows buyers to have a glimpse of the hair extensions. We can add your desired images on them, colors, coatings, and taglines in spot UV, embossing, glossy, and matte as well as more add-ons.These are just a few hair extension packaging boxes to mention. At IMH Packaging, we have a plethora of other amazing options available. To learn more about the types of boxes we can create for your hair extension products, please feel free to get in touch with us. We have years of experience in this industry and we are proud to have catered to the packaging needs of a long list of clients!Call us now to place wholesale bulk orders for hair extension packaging.

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